Automotive Scanner Autophix OM126 OBDII OBD2 Code Reader Car Diagnostic Scan Tool

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Brand: Autophix

Color: OM126-Black


  • 1. I/M READNIESS HOT KEY - I/M Readiness is to test Misfire/ Fuel system / Comprehensive component. With I/M button,the obd2 diagnostic tool can quick state Emissions Readiness check and drive cycle verification.
  • 2. SPECIAL OBDII TEST - Support EVAP System Test / O2 Sensor Test. Evaporative Control (EVAP) System monitor the integrity of the fuel tank sysytem. So this diagnostic code reader EVAP System Test can let you initiate a leak test for the vehicles' EVAP system; O2 Sensor Test, monitor and adjust air/fuel mixture, it can identify problems related to fuel efficiency and vehicle emissions
  • 3. OBDII TEST: This car code reader can read and clear stored emission-related codes and pending codes and show the definition of the codes; Check and turn off the engine light; Read Vehicle information including VIN, CID and CVN; Displays live data stream, graph and DTC Lookup
  • 4.MUTIL-USE: This obdii code reader scanner for all vehicles from 1996 US-Based, 2000 EU-Based and Asian cars, and newer OBD II & CAN domestic or import vehicles.This auto scanner supports English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese. So your friends, families and colleagues can use it diagnose their cars also.
  • 5.PRINT/ UPDATE: The diagnosis data can be printed and this engine analyzer can be updated. The update software support windows 7/8/10, Only windows 7 need to install the driver - Please contact us for the driver Or download from the website; This auto scanner diagnostic code scanner with novelty design with large color 2.4" LCD screen and flexible button. No need any Batteries or Charger, gets the power directly from the vehicle.

Publisher: AUTOPHIX

Details: Description:
About Upgrade Note 1.When you connect with computer via USB cable, device screen is black.
2.The update software only support windows 7/8/10.
3.Other systems can run update software directly, only windows 7 need to install the driver.( Please contact us for the driver or download from Autophix website)
4.The 32-bit OS driver is X86, 64-bit OS driver is X64.

Autophix OM126 vehicle code reader is a CAN OBDII/EOBD diagnostic scan tool, it is an innovative and affordable solution, specially designed for DIYers and car owners to easily and qulickly access engine problems on all OBDII compliant vehicles.

It is a protable with all functions of car diagnostic scanner for all cars, in addition with more advanced options like retrieve O2 sensor test result; built-in DTC lookup library; display live data in text and graphic format; store diagnostic report for review and print. All these options are logically organized under the menu, and clearly displayed on the 2.4" true color LCD screen.

A car engine diagnostic code scanner with advanced diagnostic functions, high level design and hardware, no matter who and where you are, you can let this attractive in price and quality scanner to help you to solve problems of your car.

Main Functions:
- Read and clear engine fault codes, show where the problem is, erase error code and turn off engine warning light
- Built-in DTC lookup library for manual retrieval of DTC and manufacture specific codes definition
- Display Live Data in text and graphic format for all items and selected specific items.
- View freeze frame data, show the vehicle parameters recorded by ECU when a fault code occurs. You may focus on any suspicious data and fix a problem
- Retrieve on-board monitor test results, such as O2 sensor
- Store diagnostic report for review and print